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Sifu Ron Goes Out of his Way to Support Anyone

My son has been with Esteller Martial Arts in Pleasanton for 10 years and has gained so much from this experience. Not only can he defend himself in any given situation, but he has learned compassion, respect and integrity. Sifu Ron and DJ Esteller work the class hard and get great results. The dojo is always welcoming and supportive of its students and families. Sifu Ron goes out of his way to support anyone needing anything extra – whether it is martial arts related or emotional support. I highly recommend Esteller Martial Arts to anyone seeking a professional and supportive environment.

01/22 UPDATE: This young man is now one of the top students in the Fire Science Department and is on his way to a Firefighter Career, his physical and mental strength is shining though during this Fire Academy!


EMA Got Me Out Of Hot Water

Sifu Ron is truly one of my favorite people and one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure to train with at many seminars and martial arts gatherings. One of the techniques Sifu Ron shared in a seminar quite literally made the difference between walking away without a scratch and being in some very hot water while traveling Oahu’s north shore. Sifu Ron’s dedication to his students’ safety through proper technique and hard work is matched by very few in this realm of martial training. He is a teacher, a mentor, and I am proud, honored, and lucky to count him among my friends. Mahalo Sifu Ron for everything you do! A hui hou!


EMA Saved My Life!

The training I received here as a teenager saved my life tonight ten years later. Tonight I was mugged by three guys with long knives/machetes very suddenly on a bridge where the entire encounter lasted about 1-2 minutes. (Medellin, Columbia) There was only time for flight-or-fight and instinctually chose fight. My self-defense training kicked in and I was able to block the knives, close the distance, line the guys up, and fight for my life. After it was clear that I wasn’t going down easy, the guys ran away across incoming traffic to the other side of the bridge. After I got to a safe place, I called Sifu Ron and personally told him that his training gave me the experience necessary to react to a violent situation and saved my life. I cannot recommend him and his schools enough!

Yashiro Doi Parent:

My daughter has ADHD which made it difficult to find an activity that kept her interest longer than a month if not a week. Not only has she managed to stay with Esteller Martial Arts for three years (since she was 6) so far, but has made major strides with her focus and discipline, two areas ADHD kids have problems with. My daughter’s 8/9 trophies (whose counting) can attest to that. To say Sifu Ron Esteller is excellent with kids would be an understatement. And his fellow black belt instructors, along with the very capable support staff, have two things in common, they all love what they’re doing and they all care very much about the kids/adults they’re helping. My daughter has made alot of good friends there, both instructors and fellow students alike. Another thing ADHD kids sometimes have a problem with.
Kajukenbo (Esteller Martial Arts) turned out to be the perfect venue her for the above reasons but also I strongly believe its the best school/style to learn “self-defense” 
1/1/22 UPDATE: 13 years later she now has her 1st Degree Black Belt and is a Jr in college!
Thank You Sifu Ron!!

Shawn Ely Parent:

EMA has become my family!
I have girls, so I went shopping for a place to take them to get some self-defense classes (about 8 years ago). I shopped all over and saw many different places. When I spoke with Sifu Ron Esteller my searching stopped, I had found what I was looking for.
I feel that my kids can handle anything that comes their way. My kids have learned about self respect, confidence, and to be aware of situations they should not be in. They have also learned discipline, respect for others, and have the physical skills to do well in almost any sport. I also feel that if they are put in a position where they would need to defend themselves, they will be able to do so, or effectively get away safely.
I have to mention another plus about Esteller Martial Arts. The people, the instructors, the parents, and the students are a good bunch. They are very good with kids. My kids enjoy going to class no matter how hard they end up working out. There is definately a sense of family there, that I didn’t see or feel when I was initially looking for a place to take my family.
My advice is this.. If you have kids (especially girls), just come talk to Sifu Ron. Even if you aren’t looking to get them into a martial arts program, EMA offers a SAFE program that teaches some good techniques that has been proven to save lives