Some of my life work

Proud to be associated with these amazing people

Knife Brothers

Angie for the Muay Thai Win!

Sky high kick wowed the judges!

Won everything!

Team did amazing!

Lead by example competing at 61 yrs old

Bruce Lee with the legends of Kajukenbo

GGM Gaylord and I

Ming Lum, Al Novak, Charles Gaylord, Martial Arts Legends

Our Roots, Palama Settlement, Oahu, Hawaii

Teaching since 1971

Competing for Grand Champion Kata Chinese Division

Winning Self Defense Grand Champion, 4 years in a row.

Had a pretty good tournament career

The Gang hanging out at the Moko Moko

Moko Moko 2019

Cleaning house in 1987 Boys Club Crew
1st 2nd and 3rd 8-10 Division

Old School Juarez Team