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My daughter has ADHD which made it difficult to find an activity that kept her interest longer than a month if not a week. Not only has she managed to stay with Esteller Martial Arts for three years (since she was 6) so far ....read more

EMA provides a safe, fun environment for all students and parents. To ensure the most realistic self defense training available. And to continually re-enforce life lessons to all students, young and old.

977 Manor Blvd.. San Leandro CA.
(510) 346-5425

Our professional instructors combine physical activity,fun, and important life lessons to help you to be neither too shy nor too aggressive: to know when to be hesitant and decisive and to walk with confidence.

3283 Bernal Ave. #107 Pleasanton CA 94566

It's Not Just Kicking & Punching …



It's Martial Arts& Beyond.

Before making the commitment to a martial arts education, we feel it is important that you understand the responsibilities involved, both ours as well as yours. You will find it helpful to familiarize yourself with the information in this handout. We believe that if you thoroughly understand our methods you will be able to more effectively work towards accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself, or your child.
At EMA we believe that communication is the key.
If we work to maintain good communications, then we will have a great, long lasting relationship. If at anytime during your or your child's training you have questions or comments, we encourage you to express them to us without hesitation. Please call, stop in, or e-mail

In Spirit

Sifu Ron Esteller





Ron Esteller Sifu Ron began his martial arts training in 1968 at the age of 13, his training includes A 8th degree black belt in the Hawaiian art of Kajukenbo, he also holds under ranks in Tae Kwan Do, Jujitsu, and Escrima. He began teaching in 1984 at the San Leandro Boys/Girls Club, where he ran the kajukenbo program until 1999. In July 2000 EMA moved to its San Leandro Location. Hoping to spread his message of safety to the valley he opened the Pleasanton location in 2010

You may enroll at EMA on either a one class per week schedule, which consists of 4-5 classes per month, or an unlimited schedule, which means just that! You may attend as many classes as you wish throughout the month! All enrollment commitments are month to month basis only. Enrollment Form

Tuition payments are made directly to our billing company. (Member Solutions) You can choose to have your tuition deducted electronically from either checking/savings or ATM/credit card

Uniforms are available for purchase if you desire, otherwise black sweat pants and a red T-shirt of any style are acceptable for the first 3 months. Uniform cost $25.00 Uniform Order Form

Recommended Equipment
Students are required to have an athletic cup/supporter, **sparring gloves/feet/head gear** all available at any online martial Arts Supply company or through EMA at a retail discounted price. The equipment is an insurance regulation in place for you/your child's safety, and is required for tournament completion. We do not supply common equipment for sanitary reasons. ** Only Required for Contact Sparring Equiptment Order Form

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